i guess this should have been my first entry.  let’s pretend it is.

hi folks.  how’s everyone doin’ tonight?

i’ll get right into it, people.  i’ve had livejournals before, but they feel too 14 yr old girl for me (that’s when i had my first one); they have a sort of bad association for me, and everyone i knew/was friends with had them or still do and it just feels like a time machine to unhappy times.  and i’ve had…four of them.  i go through a luddite-ish thing and want to “destroy my web presence.”  and for the same reason i tore up my physical journals, i often don’t want to remember old times, sad moments, bouts of insanity.  people.  etc.

so i don’t know how long this will last.  i would like it to be a while.  at least until i die.  in that case, i’ve instructed my heir to dispose of my online acquisitions so that i do not continue to live online despite my lack of physicality (i’m reminded of the x-files episode “killswitch”, although that was admittedly very different).

i always wanted to be a writer and pen the great american novel.  that probably won’t happen.  but i still like to write.  so here i am.  i someday want to be a cult figure (and maybe work at home without pants on, but not in a porn way) and basically become the bloggess, but much less awesome.  to quote the movie version of julie powell, “i could write a blog! i have thoughts!”

so that’s me.  i have thoughts.  and i am writing a blog.


~ by hollaphonic on 02/24/2010.

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