gps is the downfall of the species.

for real? do people not know they’re heading towards cliffs and into lakes and stuff? common sense and an instinct for survival should kick in at some point and say stop the damn car, pull over, and look at a map.  do you have one in your car? can you  read one? do you even know what a map is?

what did everyone do before gps? did they drive into shit then?

i think for any possible invention or new gadget/techonology, people are going to forget how to do things like survive or what they did/the world was like before said new invention.  but…for real?

the mere creation of our civilization means that unless you were a scout, 99% of people probably can’t light a fire from sticks, find food in the wilderness, and generally not die if lost in the woods.  but now, people lose internet or 3g coverage and it’s just f@#$ing anarchy.  it’s thunderdome.  it’s pathetic.


~ by hollaphonic on 02/24/2010.

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