delivery people are retarded.

why do delivery people (eg. ups and usps, not like pizza) think it’s appropriate to not simply knock once or twice or ring the bell and then walk away but to BANG ON THE FUCKING DOOR AND THEN SLAM THE STORM DOOR or to KNOCK ON YOUR FUCKING LIVING ROOM WINDOWS SCREAMING UPS AS THEY WALK TO YOUR **BACK DOOR** FOR SOME REASON AND LEAVE A PACKAGE ON YOUR PORCH????????????????????????

it is fucking beyond me.  i thought i was about to be murdered.  i didn’t even hear a doorbell and he did not knock on the front door.  no.  he knocked on 2 of my LIVING ROOM WINDOWS for some reason.  and i don’t even know what the package is.  it’s very long and skinny, almost like flowers or a rifle are inside.  it’s probably a bomb.

p.s. regarding the use of the word “retarded” – yeah, i went there sarah palin.  do something about it.

p.p.s. i’ve been looking at the word “retarded” for so long it doesn’t look like a real word.  now i’m looking at the rest of the words, and they don’t look real either and i don’t know what to do.  how do we know what reality is?  who can tell me if they’re real? how do i know that person is real or even that i’m real?  i’m starting to have an anxiety attack.  i should totally sue ups for extreme mental anguish and ptsd.  yeah, that’s what i’ll do.


~ by hollaphonic on 03/02/2010.

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