email to a friend:

how’s your electroshock therapy? i don’t remember what it’s really called. i’m going to tell people you are getting shock therapy. maybe i’ll twitter it later. it’ll be hilarious. remember when i had a web site and i possibly wrote something about a friend (you) being “mentally ill” or something in a comical way, and your mom was all like oh you should probably take that down bc people would think that you were mentally ill or something. and then it turned out you were. ?

my legs don’t feel real.

i am sooo jealous of everyone’s babies. not like, i want to be a baby. i mean having babies. EVERYONE is having a baby. but not meeeee. bc i am unfertiles. i will go pray to fertiligy god later. or a fertility god. maybe i can find an effigy or icon of one on ebay, win it, and then pray to it. or make it my prey.

did i mention i was delirious?

– originally written december 2009.  big surprise i only have one friend, eh?


~ by hollaphonic on 03/14/2010.

3 Responses to “email to a friend:”

  1. haha. i am entertained. again.

  2. you should start putting random buzzwords in all your posts so that people find your blog. here are some hot topics: 1. health care bill
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    and hot searches:
    1. rielle hunter pictures
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    9. todd lickliter
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    according to google.

    • will this come up on google? that would be neat. okay, i will attempt to write about hot topics. and boobs. that’ll attact readers.

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