dead people’s gums do not bleed.

dear readeR*,

sorry i haven’t written anything or updated twitter in a while.  i’m not dead.  yet.

haven’t had anything to say worth reading.

except that i may have the teeth of a dead person.  and as much as i would like to say that that  means i’ve got a bunch of gold teeth i wrenched out of a corpse’s mouth with a pair of pliers, it doesn’t and i don’t.  (yet?)  it does however mean i have one bleeding gum that is very painful.   revelation: dead people’s gums do NOT bleed because they are DEAD.

okay, so i have the teeth of someone really old who has their original teeth that are so disgusting they’re just wooden pegs.  at some point it should just be mandatory that old people get dentures OR have their mouths sewn shut.  but that might be construed as “elder abuse” when really it’s for the good of mankind.  now when someone is researching elder abuse or needs to find out how  to abuse the elderly^, they’ll find this.  or most likely they won’t.  i don’t know.  my teeth are rotting and i might be a little**  drunk.  also, avatar is extremely overrated.  i don’t even know what those giant blue cats were talking about.

*meant to imply i have only 1 reader.
^ do not abuse the elderly.
** a lot.


~ by hollaphonic on 04/25/2010.

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