wtf az?

i’m going to be serious for a sec:

da other day, i saw this article on about a proposed bill that would refuse to issue birth certificates to children born in the united states to illegal immigrants.  really?  are you serious?  enough already, arizona.  first of all, how can a state make up its own law contrary to federal law?  is this possible?  are any of you lawyers that could fill me in on this?

i mean, maybe we should just let you secede, arizona.  is that what you want?  ’cause you certainly don’t seem like you like, agree with, or respect um…the u.s. constitution.  from what i understand, the united states was set up to be a free democracy where anything was possible, a beacon of hope, a fresh start.  immigrants from all over *IN THEORY* can come here from their war-torn, corrupt, or poverty-stricken nations to begin anew.  no?  are we not doing that anymore?

anyone born in the u.s.a. under any circumstance, to anyone, is a citizen, period.  visitors from other countries who have babies here, their children are citizens.  IF YOU FORCE YOUR WAY OUT OF YOUR MOTHER’S VAGINAL CANAL ON U.S. SOIL YOU ARE A FUCKING CITIZEN.  changing that sets a dangerous precedent.  it starts with illegal immigrants, and then where does it end?  does it end?  will i someday have to apply for my own children to be citizens of the country they were born in?   what’s next, AZ – only whites of northern-european descent, at least 3rd generation, can reside there?

i understand that we may have limited room for people to come here, and that even though we’re a (fading) beacon we still have rules, blah blah blah, but doesn’t it make these asshole republicans at all proud that their country is the one people are dying to come to? literally?

we’re supposed to be the greatest country in the world and we’re turning our backs on refugees.  that’s not very christian, is it?  doesn’t anyone ever wonder why they’re trying to get here so bad?  i’m writing another post on this, but in a nutshell: mexico is poor, full of organized crime, drugs, and these people (organized crime people) turn cities into war zones.  so a lot of times it’s either leave your city/country, or die.  why don’t more americans care about that?


~ by hollaphonic on 06/18/2010.

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