identity crisis.

i’m debating and changing or possibly debating and then not changing my twitter s/n and/or the title of this blog.  i’m a wee unhappy with one and/or both of them.  but not unhappy with my wee.  that’s the important thing.   (disclaimer: i am not transgendered or intersexual/hermaphroditic.  i know you’re disappointed.)

so, anyway, things may get a little wacky, but the blog url is staying the same (mostly because they don’t let me change it….) but i will let all you spunky buggers know ahead of time IN ALL CAPS what/when/where/if changes are occuring/applicable.  so like 10% of prince fans did when he changed to “unpronounceable symbol”, i hope my confirmed audience of three will hang on tight like the barnacles on a whale.  and i promise whatever i turn into will be pronounceable, if only by indigenous african tribes.


~ by hollaphonic on 06/22/2010.

4 Responses to “identity crisis.”

  1. i’m not positive, but i think i might object to being called a “spunky bugger.” or possibly i’ll make it my facebook name, and then everyone who’s friends with me will be all like, “what the hell? i don’t know anyone named spunky bugger” and then they’ll all delete me.

    • a) i will call *you* whatever i want.
      b) i think they’ll all delete you regardless.

  2. I think “insert title here” is brilliant.

    • thanks. 🙂 it’s possible that my lack of further ideas will keep it as is. that’s kind of the story of my life.

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