6 degrees of a rapist.

sort of like the kevin bacon game, if kevin bacon were a rapist.  god i hope no one reads this who knows all these people, ‘cuz then i’ll probably be sued.  or at least branded an asshole (wait, that cat’s already outta the bag).  um, ANY RESEMBLANCE TO PERSONS LIVING OR DEAD IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL.  PLEASE DON’T SUE ME.

on independence day, my s.o. & i went out to dinner with some family, which included his cousin and her husband.  said husband told us a story about  how his sister-in-law’s sister is married to a convicted rapist.  and like, not a “oh i was wrongfully convicted” or “i tripped and my penis fell inside this chick”  rapist but a “YEAH I RAPED A LADY.  WHAT OF IT?” rapist.  apparently.


same goes for guys currently in prison, and murderers.  but WHO THE FUCK MARRIES A RAPIST?  something is wrong with the SIL’s sister.  and in my HUMBLE-fucking-opinion, something is wrong with the SIL & the rest of their family if they’re *tolerating* him, the situation, and inviting him to shit (or at least not asking him to leave).  maybe they’re worried, and figure this way they can keep an eye on the sister, but OH EM GEE holy fuck.  a rapist.  i couldn’t have this dude in my house, around my family, around kids.  maybe this isn’t true, but *i* feel like rapists, stalkers, pedophiles, psychotic-murderers (as opposed to non-psychotic-murderers*) cannot be rehabilitated (looking forward to your angry letters).  73% ** of 1st time offending rapists just haven’t been caught or turned in before.  once that line is crossed, it gets easier to cross it again.  it’s who they are.

anyway, maybe they can’t control the sister’s actions – but “condoning” the whole relationship and pretending it’s all okay is NOT normal.  68% *** of victims have an existing relationship with their attackers….so come on.  it’s kind of like inviting a HYENA into a den of RABBITS.  the hyena is totally going to eviscerate them, bathe in their blood, and wear their heads like hats, JUST like a rapist.  also of importance, is that the sister has ZERO self-esteem that she prolly thinks she can’t do better….and at least some of that prolly came from her family.  so why does this affect me?  well, it doesn’t.  but why am i fixated on it?

here’s why: yesterday i went to get something at a place (not saying what or where in an attempt to camouflage this situation, except that i already tweeted about it….shit.) and the person helping me had the same surname as s.o.’s cousin’s husband; i asked if they were related.  she said yes.  she was his SIL.  i thought, interesting.  also, small-freakin’-world.  and COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE THE RAPIST’S SISTER-IN-LAW??????????????

and after confirmation from another family member IT FUCKING WAS.  so now i’m worried she’s somehow inept (because she’s “okay” with the situation) and going to mess up what i need.   THIS SHIT IS LIKE OZ MEETS MAYBERRY.  (oz the hbo show not the wizard,  and mayberry because of the small world everyone-knows-everyone thing.  not because don knotts was a sexual predator.  i think.)

probably harmless.

* non-psychotic-murders = accidents, negligence, unplanned, one-time rage, self-defense, etc.
** i totally made that number up.  but it’s probably close-ish to truth.
*** not a “fact.”


~ by hollaphonic on 07/06/2010.

One Response to “6 degrees of a rapist.”

  1. Re the woman married to the rapist, some people think the rules don’t apply to them and many people are excellent at denying the truth. Perhaps this woman falls into one of those categories. My sister’s racist creep boyfriend, who’d already left her once, recently left her again. We all either knew he would dump her or weren’t in the least surprised when he did. No one could figure out what she saw in him in the first place. Except for our sorrow at my sister’s pain, we’re all so relieved we never have to see him again. (We hope.) But the thing is my sister’s an expert at denying reality. Oh, well.

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