nerdy girl joie de vivre.

why is it that models are almost always the girlfriends of awesome, geeky guys?  where does that leave nerdy girls?  basically, where does that leave me, sharlto copley!?!  yeah, that’s what started this.

STOP STEALING THE ONLY GUYS WE DORKESSES CAN GET!!! srsly, bitches.  IT’S NOT FAIR.  models are generally accepted as attractive, whether they are or not, and can pretty much go after popular, attractive-by-1950s-standards, douches….like, um tom cruise?  or denzel washington?  i don’t know who you like, people.  you’re all sick and deranged.

my point is that “hot” guys get “hot” girls, geeky guys get “hot” girls, and NERDY GIRL sits alone on the couch in past-their-prime pj’s eating veggie sticks (like potato chips but in the organic foods area), covered in pop tart crumbs, and watching entire seasons of tv shows on dvd in 2 or 3 afternoons.  occasionally, nerdy girl showers, combs her hair, and attempts to lose weight and appear attractive to any male that will look in her direction.  but what’s the point?  i have never given up my glasses for vanity (mainly because i can’t get contacts in or out of my fucking eyes, and the frames actually hide my face somewhat), and nor shall i ever!!  guys may not make passes at girls who wear glasses, but i’m perfectly happy drinking copious amounts of alcohol and fantasizing that they do!

so that is how i’m revolting (and not just that i am “revolting” as a synonym for grotesque or disgusting) – i’m not going to care that skinny gorgeous ballet dancers and creepily translucent models steal our beloved hot nerd icons.  i embrace my oversized tshirts and my addiction to youtube.  i could be hot if i wanted to be, but i’m just too busy being alone and smart and moody and trying to hang blackout drapes without drilling too many holes in the wall.  yes, because i’m not only daria morgendorffer’s lookalike or a part-time housekeeper, but an inefficient handyman as well.  the fact that i’m willing to drill so many goddamn fucking holes in the wall and not wait for a man/entourage/bodyguard to assist me is priceless.   i am my own miserable awesome best friend and don’t you nerdy boys forget it!  i couldn’t care less about your commercial poonhunting; i’ve got a cross stitch to finish.


~ by hollaphonic on 08/22/2010.

7 Responses to “nerdy girl joie de vivre.”

  1. hm, “nerdy girl joie de vivre” would actually be a really good title for my title-less blog. *contemplating*

  2. When nerdy girl meets guy who is equal to or greater than her nerdiness, life is that much sweeter… then annoying as hell when nerdy girl finds that she has more common sense than her now nerdy husband.

  3. Aren’t you the wife of an awesome, geeky guy?

  4. I want to know where all of this leave you, me and RDJ? I’m confused.


    • oh no, we’re totally still going to drool over/kidnap him one day. that plan is still on. (i don’t think i can actually ignore hot/geeky guys at all, i think this post was wishful thinking?)

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