how absurd is it that the sea near the korean peninsula is called the “yellow sea”?  whose politically incorrect idea was that?  it’s like, why not just name a body of water near russia, “the sea of vodka,” or something near australia “the sea of paul hogan”?  it’s kind of ridiculous.  and yes, there’s a red sea, a dead sea, a yellow sea, a black sea (thankfully not near africa) — but there’s no green, blue, white, alive, orange, purple seas, so why start naming them colors or life stages  if other seas aren’t going with the same theme.  it’s just frustrating.  i imagine this is what korea is fighting about; the north wants to keep the name, and the south is all like, “fo’ real kim jong il?” and they want to change it.  also, until now i thought the capital of pyongyang was maybe kim jong il’s successor.  oops.  my diplomatic relations skills are just slightly below those of condoleezza rice.  ooh, condi you been served!


~ by hollaphonic on 11/28/2010.

2 Responses to “korea.”

  1. I am SO tempted to check and see if all your posts are tagged with “things i probably shouldn’t post on the internet” — that would be hilarious… or a separate blog.

  2. I don’t even have anything to add, but you did make me giggle.

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