My teeth are dirty sad little hobos.

I went to the dentist this morning and apparently all my teeth are unhappy and I have one confirmed cavity and three potential cavities…I don’t know how they can tell what a potential one is.  Anyway, it’s very upsetting.  I’ve come to terms with my other FIVE and that my back teeth are mostly all metal and uranium but I can’t handle this.

I drew some pictures so you could see what’s going on because I’m too sad to describe it.  I spent a lot of time on the first picture, but less and less on the subsequent ones and it’s totally obvious.  I’m lazy.

these are my dirty sad hobos. note the dead tooth. also my lips are pink and my gums are red bc my gums are like a bloody river.

apparently my teeth are shifting. this is how it is happening. yes that is an eye patch.

and this is how cavities are formed. i had to label the cavity bc it looked like a massive widow's peak.


~ by hollaphonic on 01/18/2011.

One Response to “My teeth are dirty sad little hobos.”

  1. this is awesome. i’m sorry that your teeth are sad hobos, but i kind of love your illustrations of them.

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