make prime suspect, not war.

nothing can rile me so much as one of my favorite tv shows getting shot in the head by angry burmese militiamen.  dear public, i write to you today to stand up to these angry militiamen at nbc and save my beloved jane timony from certain doom!  doooooooom!

if not for yourselves, do it for me.  for today it is my show, tomorrow it may be yours!  YES. WE. CAN.  ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.  not just peanuts!  don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.  hope!  a full dinner pail. keep cool with coolidge.  i like ike.  don’t swap horses in the middle of a stream!

okay, so my plan to save “the new adventures of old christine” failed miserably and cbs refused to acknowledge my increasingly desperate/threatening letters.  but this time i shall prevail!

i have a theory that because maria bello’s character isn’t sexy a la olivia benson, or traditionally feminine like whats-her-face on “the closer,” [male] execs at nbc are giving her the axe.  i mean, if nothing else, can’t they respect the fedora!?  for the love of god, nbc, stay on the horse!

now, nbc, if this is a cost-cutting issue, i propose STABBING “whitney” in the face, knocking some of her teeth out and making them into whitney dentures and then grin all toothily and stupidly screaming “am i funny now!?!”  chances are once she sees what she looks like, she’ll just burrow underground and wait for man’s war against the machines.  seriously, i mean, whitney cummings should be called whitney goings….amirite?  AY OH!

and you can’t just cancel any show aidan quinn is in…something about that dude seems dangerous.  he ain’t afraid to get real.  he played paul mccartney in a vh1 tv movie of the beatles.  yeah.  that mutha will mess. you. up.

write a variety of angry, desperate, manic, threatening, polite, demanding letters (in english this time!) to nbc asking them to order more episodes; or, engage in social network protesting; take your voices out into the street!  OCCUPY NBC.  don’t make aidan quinn eat your face off while you sleep.  save prime suspect and save your soul.  and your face.


~ by hollaphonic on 11/17/2011.

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