You should not drink and bake

If you know me at all, you know I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not in the way I love Robert Downey jr (not in a “you’re adorable I’m going to kidnap you and have your babies” way). But as a first rate, sometimes ridiculous, always awesome action star. I still love him even if he is a dick in his personal life. That’s none of my business. Although I don’t know how anyone ever found/finds him attractive (sorry Maria, you’ve been through enough).

Anyway, I fucking love this. It inspired the desire to re-watch a few of these classic American films starring a man with a dubious grasp of English. The dialogue, plots, fighting, explosions, etc are just great, even when they make no sense. So over the last couple of weeks I’ve watched Last Action Hero, The Terminator, Raw Deal, Eraser, and I think End of Days is next on my queue (not like Netflix, ’cause I own most of these, uh duh).


~ by hollaphonic on 04/10/2012.

3 Responses to “You should not drink and bake”

  1. Am I missing something, or are you? What is the “this” that you love and that inspired you, and what does it have to do with drinking and baking?

  2. Okay, I swear the video clip wasn’t there before. Sorry.

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