No, that’s not a typo. I was thinking a few months ago that if I ever wrote a memoir, that could be the title. at least of the volume pertaining to my childhood. So anything in the melancholly category is something about me or relatable to me, pictures, videos, one sentence blurbs, etc. Something I have to get off my buxom bosom that I didn’t have enough time in therapy to blurt out, except when I do, they always say something like, “miss you’re in the wrong office” or “uh, I’m the secretary.” except that they actually call me ma’am which I hate and makes me need more therapy.

I once snapped at a teenage cashier at target for calling me ma’am. He thought he was being polite, but in my head I saw hitler stomping on my ovaries and laughing at MY mustache hair. And I flipped out.

Anyway, get it? Melancholy + holly = melancholly! Genius.


~ by hollaphonic on 04/18/2012.

2 Responses to “Melancholly”

  1. And the volume where Jesus saves your soul can be called Hollylujah, and when you realize you’ve joined a Jesus cult and are doing the Devil’s work you can become Unholly. Your passion for gardening can be documented in Hollyhock. All of your multiple personalities will reunite in Wholly Holly. The chapter where you become a sailor or an indentured servant or a stowaway on a ship can be Hollystone (apparently holystone is a piece of soft sandstone used for scouring the decks of ships). Finally, you can cure your anxiety (or maybe become a therapist and cure other people’s anxiety) in Sympathollytics (a sympatholytic (or sympathoplegic) drug is a medication which inhibits the postganglionic functioning of the sympathetic nervous system, and is used to treat general anxiety).

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