Facebook’s IPO may be down, but so are FB users IQs

Dear people who share a single Facebook account,

What is wrong with you? Unless you’re conjoined twins, it’s just weird. Like, does one of you not really understand the Facebook/Internet but still really, really want to be part of it all and are too lazy to figure it out, so the other one has to carry your dead digital weight? I think both of you are missing the point of Facebook and don’t know how to use it. You should be asked to leave.

There’s a reason there’s only spaces for ONE person’s name & info when you sign up. IT’S BECAUSE IT’S FOR ONE PERSON. And doing something like “Kimndonny Jones” or “Marc Jennifer Lopez” is just stupid. It’s stupid and everyone hates you.

Even conjoined twins probably have their own separate accounts, even though they know all the same people and go everywhere together. When you share some limbs or major organs, you need at least one thing that’s YOURS. Be like the conjoined twins. But don’t sew yourself to someone else. Let a professional do that.


~ by hollaphonic on 05/25/2012.

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