mini mental breakdown.

wow.  will i ever be able to leave a coherent voice mail for someone?  as i’m saying the words i am totally regretting them and wishing i could start over but sometimes there’s no rerecord option and that’s all she wrote.  i don’t even know what that means.  NAP.  omg, remember napster?  whatever happened to that? the first song i ever downloaded was turning japanese by the vapors.  just a little fun fact for you.

also, i got the most coherent spam yet…

Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

so…a comment that was made to a post that actually had no videos in it [the rubbish bin prowler].  also, enlightening??  ayfkm?  i guess for a bot or a high school dropout in a basement somewhere whose job it is to spam people for a nickel an hour that’s pretty damn good, but still.  and aren’t blogs with insane visuals and everything more appealing than just text?  we have a bunch of senses, right?  like…idk, 4?  or 5.  and a good blog engages all of these senses to give the experiencer a proper happening.  i’m still working on the smell, taste, and touch parts.  although you can touch the screen, the keyboard, and the mouse.  but there’s no physical texture shooting out of the screen at you, so that’s kind of disappointing.  i’m sorry about that.

(also, i just had to google what the five senses were because i wasn’t 100% sure on what they were.  i think at this point i need to mention i didn’t sleep at all last night.  once when i was tired i think i tried to smell something that was on the screen…it must have been a perfume or something and i started to lean in as if it were a scratch-and-sniff…)

in theory right now i am writing a paper on palestinian and israeli relations.  like, conflict.  not them gettin’ it on.  earlier i coined a new term: jarab  it’s a mash-up of jew and arab.  in my sleepy haze i was thinking, hmmm….since they can’t share, then neither one should be able to live there and they could totally make it into some kind of jew-arab vatican (you know how no one actually lives in the vatican but can visit its holiness?) = jarab vatican.®  in a way, i really coined two terms.  all before noon and still just in my underpants.

i dedicate this to my detractor bot.  if you’re actually a human: ENJOY THE ENLIGHTENING VIDEO.  it makes no fucking sense, both the song and the video.  that’s the crazy coked-out decade of the 80s for ya.


~ by hollaphonic on 07/16/2012.

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