If you find a way out, take it.

If I’m constantly unhappy…is this just a chemical imbalance? How do I know it’s not something inside me, trying to tell me where I am is wrong. Take another path. But I don’t listen because I’ve been too busy being actually clinically depressed and can’t feel the intuition that would tell me where I belong.

That if it were different, I would feel better. But I can’t imagine how it could be different. I just know it’s not right as it is. Something feels off…is it me or just is it?

I haven’t really lived. I don’t really have any cool, exciting, youthful stories. I’ve skipped that and have gone straight to being just…this, like, stuck old lady.


Current music: matisyahu – spark seeker & I love lucy


~ by hollaphonic on 08/01/2012.

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