twine for orphans!

Okay, so I don’t know how much explanation this will need, but look here and here for more information.  It probably won’t even explain that much.  But out of solidarity for The Bloggess and because I think it’s ridiculous that Nathan Fillion couldn’t even take 2 seconds to do this, here is me holding twine with my monstrous-looking hand.

[pic temporarily removed!]

caption: i’m nowhere near as photogenic as nathan fillion. and my hand is disproportionately enormous somehow and fucking terrifying. it could choke the life out of a mountain lion.

Seriously Nathan Fillion, I respect you, but this took 2, maybe 3, seconds.  I had twine laying around.  Everyone does.  EVERYONE.  If you don’t and you’re ashamed and that’s why you refused, IT’S OKAY HONEY.  Not having twine doesn’t make you a bad person.

I personally just think it’s weird when you’re a rather public person to refuse to do something that your fans want you to do — because they think you’re awesome — and that was also initially requested in exchange for charitable funds.

Anyway, I don’t hold any sort of a weird grudge nor do I think anyone should harass him…but I do think his logic is a bit flawed and I wanted to prove it doesn’t take much time.  In fact, he made kind of a bigger deal out of it than if he just did it.  How long did it take him to deal with it and refuse?  Like 20 years.  Versus 2 seconds.  Fans make you who you are, dude.  Just saying.  Both of them were very classy about it (but The Bloggess is ALWAYS classy anyway) and if he doesn’t want to do something that he doesn’t understand and is worried might be a weird sex thing, then that’s his right as an American.  Good night and good luck.

P.S.  *sigh*  at least we’ll always have this:

and this:

and basically any of the hilarious entries if you go to the bloggess’ blog and search for wil wheaton.

he’s a damn good sport.


~ by hollaphonic on 08/03/2012.

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