mitt is $hit

that clever little dollar sign is meant to indicate not just an “i do not respect mitt romney” post but also “mitt romney’s fiscal whosywhatsits are suspicious.”  it was so clever it didn’t even need to be explained….oh wait….  anyway,

borrowed from One Million Strong Against Mitt Romney in 2012 on facebook.

can someone explain to me — in a rational and nonhateful or attacking way — how it’s kosher to demand to see a sitting american president’s birth certificate because clearly he must be some muslim african guy not born in america (because somehow hawaii isn’t america? also, explain to me how that whole thing *isn’t* racist)… but wanting to see a candidate’s tax returns is ludicrous????

oh and by the way, mitty, obama said “hey, okay here’s my certificate. this has been fun, but let’s actually focus on real stuff.” so why not say, ‘okay, i don’t think this should be anyone’s focus, but clearly some people are interested…so here are my taxes. it’s important you can trust me and know all you can about me. can we discuss my views on blah blah* now?’

it’s just weird, at the very least, to in the first place not want to be upfront about things if you’re running for uh, the fucking president of the united states, but then in particular when you and your movement are demanding ridiculous transparency from another person while refusing to do the same.  wtf is that?  that can only mean one thing, right…that blares DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON,  WHAT IS HE TRYING TO HIDE?

“…how much i hate women…”
“…how much i hate animals and the environment….”
“…how much i’m going to fuck up this economy even more…”


~ by hollaphonic on 08/19/2012.

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