Phone Wars: Return of the Wrong Number

Text message I got: “meatball what the fuck call me.”



When I saw I had a message I thought it would be one of my friends.  But no.  It was not.  Unless one of my friends bought a number of burner cells in order to confuse me.  But that seems like too much work for them.  Oh, and unlikely.  Then that same phone number called me at 1 AM.  NICE.  THANK YOU.  VERY MUCH.

Oh, so anyway, I started writing this post because I’m confused not so much by the content of the text message from earlier, but what exactly it means since there is zero punctuation.  Is it “Meatball, what the fuck, call me” as in “Meatball” is my alleged nickname…. am I being texted by one of those Jersey Shore walking-STD-petri-dishes?  Or is it “Meatball! what the fuck, call me” as in, OH MY GOD I HAVE SOME YUMMY MEATBALLS AND I NEED TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU, or THOSE MEATBALLS YOU BROUGHT TO JOAN’S RETIREMENT PARTY ARE AMAZING CAN I HAVE THE RECIPE? Or is it “Meatball. what the fuck call me” meaning, “I’m currently chewing on a meatball and can’t talk but I’ll have swallowed it in a moment so please telephone me and we shall converse?”

Knowing the kind of dudes blasting up my phone, they’d probably actually say “conversate.”

Oy vey.



~ by hollaphonic on 12/01/2012.

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