random update

Hi, folks.

So it’s been a while, as you know if you can tell time and read the dates stamped on posts.  And if you can’t, you’re probably five years old, and this blog is totally inappropriate for you.  GET OUT OF HERE!  Save yourself!  Let your mind be warped by something else horrible and depressing in the world, like the news or True Detective.  How do you even know how to read anyway?  Are you one of those savant kids?

Thought I would briefly check in, particularly in light of the change with my url.  I’ve let HOLLAPHONIC.COM lapse and so you should probably not go there because for the time-being it goes nowhere.  Of course, if you are trying to go there and there’s no redirect, you’re not going to be able to find this or to see what the default url is now.  So…um, goodbye forever?  Maybe Google or the NSA have cached this or will take keywords from it and index it that way so if you type in hollaphonic or hollaphonic.com you’ll somehow find me.

Although, I have recently learned that there is this Daft Punk-wannabe techno duo in the United Arab Emirates called “Hollaphonic” who have emerged in the last year or so and who have pushed me back to page four or five in the Google search results, so perhaps you’ll never find me.  So it’s time for my new segment, “Fuck them.”  Starring Emirati dudes “Hollaphonic.”  This also means that in short order hollaphonic.com will probably be snapped up by them and if you go there, you’ll end up in a nightmarish orgy of dance music instead of the nightmarish orgy of whatever this is.

So that’s fun.  For official purposes I am feuding with them because I had the name Hollaphonic first (and it is based on my name, and as far as I can tell neither of their names are Holly, because as far as I can tell they identify as male and may have the corresponding biological organs but I don’t know because I am not a pervert) and they are kind of (sort of/not really) stealing it, but I actually don’t know anything about them and they could be lovely gents but I don’t really care either way.  I haven’t listened to their alleged music either, because I’m concerned, in my anger, my ears will bleed.  And I do actually like dance music, but now those guys have unwittingly made an enemy for life.  Take that, you guys who will never see this unless you search for yourselves and accidentally find this when you see a Hollaphonic link you don’t recognize!  I am a wee territorial about this (and everything else) and feel like the url is like a toy I wasn’t interested in anymore and gave away, but now because somebody else may be interested in it and I HAD IT FIRST, IT’S MINE GIVE IT BACK TO ME/YOU CAN’T HAVE IT, BITCHES!  Especially when what happened is that the url domain fee was no longer financially feasible for me.  So really, they should be paying my fee for me or something.  I DEMAND RESTITUTION.  OR OTHER FREE SHIT.  But I don’t want tickets for them. I’d rather have Matisyahu tickets.  Or pants.  If they buy me pants then we’re even.


Sincerely yours now and forever,

Ms. Holly Phonic



~ by hollaphonic on 08/21/2014.

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