awkward. brat. creepy. deputy. enigmatic. finnish? giggly. haberdasher. inept. jejune. klingon. ludicrous. meek. nerd. ovulator. petty. queer. rambunctious. studious. tipper gore. uncomfortable. virago. weird. xylophone. yankee. zookeeper.

i chronicle my misadventures. some of them *might* be exaggerated for “humorous purposes.” i don’t update super-often, so be patient with me.

um, please link to me when reposting any of this garbage. mmkay? muchas gracias.

p.s. despite my twitter sn, i’m not lisa lutz or isabel spellman. although i am feuding with both of them.

p.p.s. i’d love to host some ad space…so like, for $1 you can get in on the ground floor of a great investment opportunity!  then, please ask 3 of your business associates to join in this exciting venture, they won’t regret it!  they’ll be so pleased that they too will each invite 3 people to host ad space on hollaphonic dot com and everyone will be AS RICH AS NAZIS! 😀  it’s a win for everyone.  except maybe those persecuted by nazis.


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